What is Shopify App Store: How to Select the Best Shopify Apps

E-commerce has introduced a new shopping world where the product can reach any consumer globally. Therefore, merchants are looking for a solution to make their online stores covering structure and capabilities. Why? It’s simple, everyone likes to scroll down through stores in search of their needs. Especially today, when we experienced lockdowns and comfortable shopping from the home sofa. So, Shopify is a well-known option for online retailers seeking quality and efficiency along with a user-friendly experience and a variety of features.

In this article we will focus on what is Shopify App Store and what is Shopify App. We will also try to help you to find the app which fits your business needs the best. So, let’s start!

What is Shopify App Store

Shopify App Store has become recognized among the most popular and powerful e-commerce solutions on the web. It is a Shopify marketplace where you can find new apps to use with your store, as well as an easy way to stay up to date with the apps you already have installed.

You can make a choice depending on your business strategy and preferences, as the platform contains almost everything. Among the most popular are Facebook & Instagram, Shopify Email, Google channel, Pinterest, TikTok, Messenger channel, Snapchat Ads, eBay and so on.

Shopify App Store Growth

Talking about numbers, as to SpurIT, there are almost 2 000 000 live stores on the Shopify platform today with a quite impressive growth over the last few years. Considering quarter-over-quarter change in 2022 Q3, the amount of new active stores increased to 17,2%, while year-over-year increase in 2022 Q3 was 48%. Besides, the Shopify App Store covers 11,211 apps published by 4,438 different vendors.

How to Find the Shopify App

So, how can you find the app you need? Visit the Shopify App Store and take a look for Shopify apps by using categories, subcategories, and tags. Every app is classified based on its main features and function. Shopify apps can be assigned to one of the following categories: Orders and shipping; Marketing and conversion; Finding products; Selling products; Store design; Store management. Each category is split into subcategories, and each subcategory has multiple associated tags.

Shopify Apps Pricing

There are many free of charge apps, but those paid very often offer a free plan and/or a free trial to check whether the app is what you need. If you choose to integrate with a third party, they mostly have their own fees. If you just start your business, many services have a freemium plan, that is, in the beginning you don’t have to pay anything. To be more clear, according to statistics, considering 7378 apps, 31.2% are free, 67.9% are paid and 0.8% have one-paid charge.

Shopify App Developers and Vendors

Shopify App marketplace is also a great business option for app developers and vendors, because they have an opportunity to join the highly-growing ecosystem with their . If they find a perfect market fit with the app, they can get a good revenue-generating business. According to the analysis of SpurIT, considering 2265 developers, 4 reach a profit of over $1 million; 79 (3,49%) earn $100k – $500k; 631 (27.86%) earn $1k – $10k and less than $1k earn 1235 developers (54.53%).

What is Shopify App and Why to Use It

Shopify Apps can help you simplify the process of creating, designing, management and marketing your Shopify store as well as extend the functionality of it. Meanwhile, if you just start the way to e-commerce success, Shopify is a perfect solution. It is a pretty easy platform to use. Why is it good to use the apps from Shopify App Store compared to your own custom development? If something goes wrong you can be sure that the problem will be fixed by the vendor.

As the app enhances the store functionality and usually adds value to the business, it is important for the store owners and teams to be sure that the app is reliable and will be supported in the long run. Moreover, it is also a good choice in case you prefer to focus on the products you sell and the way you do it rather than technology. Compared to other e-commerce platforms this one can really surprise you.

What is more? Certain types of stores and products require a bit of extra functionality. Shopify marketplace contains apps built by Shopify, but also those from the third parties. So, you can easily find one exactly suitable for you to fulfill the missing features in the by-default Shopify functionality. With these apps, you can easily perform simple stuff yourself, such as editing images that are useful for SEO, or more complex ones, like managing a whole customer rewards program. They are highly compatible with third party services, such as email marketing or analytics.

Shopify marketplace provides two types of apps – custom and public. Only the Shopify Public App is available in the Shopify App Store. They may have access to any number of Shopify shops and provide technical support to thousands of Shopify merchants around the clock. It leads to higher demands on scalability, accuracy and security. Meanwhile, Shopify Custom Apps are specifically created to work with a single Shopify online store created by an agency or a Shopify freelancer. They can cover some specific features like individual interfaces, complex bundle builder or a detailed dashboard for customers.

How to Select Best Shopify Apps on the Shopify App Store

Now it's time to select the app which fits you the best. So, how to make a good choice? In fact, all the information you need can be found on the Shopify App Store. Shopify app’s price lists, descriptions, reviews and support documentation provide plenty of guidance on what to expect from an app.

Shopify App Price

First of all, consider how much you are ready to spend for increased efficiency, better usability, improved reporting or anything else you are looking for. Fixing a budget in advance increases the range of Shopify apps you can choose from. The app's price depends mainly on whether it is a custom-built app for a Shopify user or a public app for the App Store. Besides, it also depends on tasks it is used for like inventory, marketing, finances, sales, customer support etc., as well as its impact on the business result and processes. So, compare pricing plans, consider the full app pricing, take a look at any additional costs related to implementation or use.

App Description and Documentation

Then check if the app has a clear and comprehensive description. What is more, can you find a full information about the app, its key features, screenshots available and explainer video in place. Please bear in mind that this information is presented in a way to ignite your interest in the product. So, if you find a good one, the next step we recommend is to check the technical documentation. Ensure that there is a detailed and structured product documentation with screenshots and step-by-step guides.


Shopify app customer reviews is also a thing to pay attention to when selecting the Shopify app on the Store. According to research from Apptentive, 90% of users check reviews before downloading an app. App reviews let you know what customers like and dislike about the product, as well as if they experience any bugs or problems. Sure, an app with a strong marketing team is going to ask for reviews quite actively, but that also means they are confident that it will get good feedback.

Meanwhile, reviews are able to reveal much more about a product's functionality, but what's even more important they tell you about the users' experience of interacting with the people behind the app. Pay attention to 1-star and 2-star reviews as well as developer responses. Here, you can find the most common problems, and how the company responds.

It is also a sign of how you can expect to be treated by this developer as someone who leaves a 4- or 5-star review is generally satisfied enough. Moreover, we recommend getting the information about the vendor somewhere else - just “google” it! View and analyze ratings, reviews and responses, check the website.

Level of support

Check information about the app support and read the policies. Important things to keep an eye on: how long would you wait for a response if something happens? Can you find something like a help section or FAQ on the vendor’s website or app documentation where you can find answers to your questions? Does the app provide any trial before payment? Are there any reviews covering positive or negative support experiences?

Final Words

Shopify apps (or plugins) let you expand your Shopify store with additional features and functionalities, as well as improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and collect more leads. All you need to do is go to the Shopify App Store, find the Shopify App which fits you the best, examine all the information and make your choice.

If you're looking for the best ones, take a glance at 10 Best Shopify Apps for 2022 awarded by Alpha Serve. Being professional app developers, we at Alpha Serve also have our apps on the Shopify App Store: Exportier - Data Export, Power BI Connector, Edited-Bulk Product Management and Tableau Connector.

And one more thing, be sure you carefully assess the app before installing it. One can easily become a victim of a quick and cheap decision, but not you, we hope.
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