How to Change Shopify SEO Title and Meta Description in Bulk

Being attentive to your Shopify store assortment as well as making adjustments in item cards and SEO meta titles and descriptions quickly is essential in getting happy customers. If a store owner has a lot of goods, they need a painless tool for bulk product edit on Shopify. Correcting many single items can be actually slow and difficult, and this is where our Edited-Bulk Product Management becomes advantageous.

Edited-Bulk Product Management app will help save time applying quick changes instead of the basic Shopify bulk editor. It guarantees smooth usage and is easy to understand.

Moreover, there’s a free plan which is suitable for any average small or middle-size store on Shopify.

Now, let’s learn more about the app!

Bulk Product Edit with the Basic Shopify Bulk Editor

Being a store admin on the Shopify platform, you can carry out actions in bulk. Those actions are fulfilling orders, removing numerous files, or distributing a lot of goods all at once. And they are super-important for a successful store owner.

With the Shopify bulk editor, you can modify multiple items and their description at once.

But there’s a crucial thing about Shopify meta title and descriptions there. Meta tags can be changed in bulk only by specifying the same text for every one of them. This option negatively affects your store’s Search Engine Optimization, as, from the SEO point of view, it is important to keep meta tags pretty unique.

A title and meta description on Shopify should accurately describe the content of the proper page. In general, correct SEO attributes will allow getting more target clients from organic search and provide your store with higher conversion rates. On the Shopify App Store, you can find an extremely useful one-size-fits-all SEO app DH SEO‑All‑in‑one SEO Booster that helps you optimize your website SEO elements and allows you to save time and effort with Auto&Manual Meta tags features to get higher SEO score from Google and improve ranking.

Bulk Edit Shopify SEO Title and Description with Edited-Bulk Product Management

Edited-Bulk Product Management is the application that solves your problem of Shopify bulk editing of SEO characteristics successfully. In particular, with our Edited-Bulk Product Management, you can adjust the major SEO attributes in bulk such as Meta Title, Meta Description, and Human URL.

Besides that, this instrument lets users:

  • Implement practical filtering options and combine search factors to sort out the needed items;
  • Change the prices regulating them by the amount or by %, round them up, or renewing the compare-at-prices. If you need to apply seasonal discounts, special offers, holiday offers, or change the pricing immediately, Edited-Bulk Product Management will help you do this effortlessly;
  • Highlight the sale after the price being down to get customer’s interest;
  • Save the history not only to cancel the previous changes if needed but also to measure the efficiency of assortment management.

So, what is actually about SEO practices there? Adapt your Shopify title and product meta description and see how much more organic traffic your store would get. With Edited-Bulk Product Management, it’s possible to use simple templates to change SEO attributes or create your own editing rules.

The application will be beneficial to those Shopify entrepreneurs who are aware of getting the most of organic traffic and therefore decreasing the target lead price and increasing income. Also, Edited-Bulk Product Management will definitely create value for sales and marketing specialists involved in the assortment organization and store promotion.

In total, having Edited-Bulk Product Management as your everyday tool, save time on bulk edits, analyze the results with change history, and completely control the SEO impact on your sales.

Don’t forget that there is a free plan available on the Shopify app store, making possible up to 15 bulk changes per month for an unlimited number of products. This is absolutely enough for any average small or middle-size store on Shopify.

How to Add Meta Tags to Your Shopify Products in Bulk

You can watch the video and see how to change Shopify product prices and edit SEO attributes (title, description, human URL) in bulk with Edited - Bulk Product Management app:

Install the app

Firstly, make sure you’ve installed Edited-Bulk Product Management. Or do this in a few steps:

Step 1. Go to the Edited-Bulk Product Management listing on the Shopify app store and click the Add app button.
Step 2. You will be redirected to the Confirmation page. Read all details and click Install app.
Step 3. The application will be automatically installed on your Shopify store. You can start creating tasks for editing product SEO characteristics.
Select the objects to change
Step 1. Open Edited-Bulk Product Management app in your particular Shopify store.
Step 2. Primary, you have to choose the items for which you’d like to make variations in Pricing or SEO attributes.

Go to the Wizard tab and change the fitting filter criteria. Choose an attribute, set criteria, and enter a value.

You can put as many parameters as you require. Press More filters, opt your preferences, and click Add Filter.
The products based on all the declared criteria can also be filtered. Just select the relevant option.
Step 3. Click Preview products to take a look at a list of goods selected for edits.

Set tasks for editing Shopify SEO characteristics

Step 1. Select SEO in the Edit rules sector below.
Step 2. Pick an option you need to apply and type the task name.
After that, press the Run task button. Success!

Edit Shopify Title and Meta Description in Bulk with Templates

Remember that in Edited-Bulk Product Management, you can change SEO attributes using templates which is a great option to save time and effort.

The app offers many attributes to be applied. Typing them manually is not necessary. Just make a choice by clicking Add template button and choosing out of the drop-down menu.


Shopify SEO Title and Meta Description Best Practice

The title tag and meta description both belong to the most significant SEO elements you can modify using Edited-Bulk Product Management. Usually, you find them in search engine results, where they provide information to customers who may be observing things related to the goods you sell on Shopify.

The search engine machine associates the title tag with your page content to decide if the page title matches what the page is about. There are a few easy methods to optimize the title tag:
  • Use a unique, expressive heading.
  • Enter the most principal keywords for each product or webpage.
  • Type a title that is 70 characters or fewer because most search engines will shorten longer ones.
  • Is your title tag clear enough? Check this.
The next is the meta description. This is a short piece of text that acts as a 155-160 characters summary and describes the content of your page. Meta description displayed in search engine results after the title tag.

The meta description can be set for web pages, product placements, and blog posts in Shopify. You should be careful about each page and make certain that it has a unique meta description that represents simple, clear text. Also, a catching copy stimulates more people to visit your store. Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, but they do entice users to click through to a page and are part of effective on-page SEO.
The Key Tool for Shopify Product and Marketing Specialists
In conclusion, you can see that Edited-Bulk Product Management is a big app for pricing specialists and marketers working on bulk updates. Taking the most out of its functionality, you can make great progress at your Shopify deals and obtain amazing results.
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